8 Ball pool is the #1 online billiard game played all over the world. Developed by Miniclip and released in October 2010. Available in many languages. Now available for Android, iOs, and even for Web users. Play with your Friends, Beat each other, Send coin gifts, and Enjoy! Although it is different from a real pool to some extent. In Billiard, Beginners feel hard to hold the cue stick. But in 8 Ball Pool, you have only to rotate the cue stick on screen with the help of fingers. In other words, If you have no idea about billiard, you can still play 8 ball pool. 8 Ball pool has a very amazing graphic. You will not only enjoy the game but feel like you are playing real.

There are many similar games like 8 ball pool heroes etc but Miniclip has left them beyond. Now 8 Ball Pool has over 2 Billion downloads on all platforms. And is played over millions only in a day. It has also 4.5/5 rating on Google Play. Now, A great addition of 9 ball pool to 8 ball pool makes it a very amazing and super pool.

8 Ball Pool Facebook:

You can install 8 ball pool from your appstore and then play. Pc user can Play it on Miniclip or on facebook. With facebook, it is easy to play with your friends. By upgrading to facebook you will also get free 5 cash. You can play on multiple devices, get free coins, free Daily 1 cash and all the other features in Miniclip Id. The only thing you for it is a Facebook account. 8 ball pool has also a Facebook Fanpage where they encourage their players, give them free coins and rewards, etc. Now official Supergroup is also available for you on Facebook.

8 Ball pool Quick Fire:

As the name shows, with quickfire, you can play quick and fast. It has a rule similar to 8 Ball Pool. You have to pot maximum balls within the given time to win. It is also available for all the devices. You can play this game offline.

8 Ball pool Beta Version:

Before releasing the main version to the public. Miniclip released a beta version for some players. So, they can check their progress that all is working fine. And then it is available for all. You can access the beta version by participating in their beta version program on the playstore. Now, the beta version program has been full. You can not participate in this. Last time it was again opened by Miniclip in April 2019. If you have not participated, you can still get this by searching the beta version on google and youtube.

Player Profile:

Every Player has its different 8 ball pool profile. It updates as you play more and more. Every profile has its Unique Id. It shows your stats including your rank, games won, winning percentage, win streak, etc. Total winning can also be seen on the top of the player profile. The profile also has VIP Points. You can also update your profile picture. Profile avatar can only be updated via 8 ball pool avatar feature. You can also get free avatars and buy an avatar using your coins. Avator can also be obtained easily by daily free reward links.

Play 1-on-1:

8 Ball Pool play 1-on-1 has total 18 tables ranging from 100 to 150M coins. 17 Tables are only available for free members. 150M coin table can only be accessed by purchasing their Pro Membership. But 50M Table is enough. If you feel a master in the 50M table, you can go for 150M. All the tables expect 1 table i.e: London Downtown is locked. You have to unlock them by reaching a higher level. The match coins are taken half-half from both parties. Rings are also available in all tables. You can get every table ring by the required match wins. Every table also contains winning prizes that are in the form of surprise boxes/victory boxes.


  1. Pot all your balls, and then 8 ball to win.
  2. Not touching the cue ball to tables leads to cue-ball-in-hands to your opponent.
  3. Potting cue ball results in a foul.
  4. Potting 8 ball before your other balls results in losing the game.
  5. Potting cue ball and your 8 ball pool together also results in losing.


Now, Miniclip also added Prizes for 1-on-1 matches. No matter whether you are playing with your friends or not. You can still get these prizes. Prizes are only given to you on winning the game. These Prizes Include Victory Boxes. Basic level cues are included in these Boxes. Now, This feature is also available for Web Users.

Play Special:

Play Special contains 3 GamePlay i.e: Tournaments, No Guideline, and Lucky shot. It is only available for level 6 or above. With tournament mode, there are many tables, here you can play for a big prize. Invest a small amount of coin and win a big one. No Guideline you can play like a real pool. It requires great strategies and too many practices. It has the same rules as in Play 1-on-1. It is available for level 8 or above. The lucky shot is also a super feature. You have to land the cue ball within the target reward area. With an increase in Level, You will win a lot of free rewards including cash. 1 lucky shot is given to all players daily. With the beginner player profile, you can win up to 5 cash.
You can also purchase a Golden shot for a little amount. Most Popular Package is a 3-Shot package for only 1.99$. The golden shot has improved features with more rewards.

Play 9 Ball:

The only faster mode that you need is 9 ball mode. 9 Ball mode which is available for level 4 or above is most popular. Many people prefer to play it because it has a lot of interesting rules, different from 8 ball pool to some extent. But the basics remain the same. It has 3 tables. 2 Tables with different themes and 1 for no guidelines. You have to Bet your coins. Coins will double up on your win. Best for players who want to invest their last time and want to win big coins.

Interesting Facts and Rules:

  1. You can win 9 ball by just a single shot. Do You Know? Pot 9 ball on the first break and win the game.
  2. You have to strike the balls from the least number.
  3. Pot the 9 ball first with the help of your own ball to win.
  4. Potting 9 ball pool with cue ball result in loose.

Play Minigames:

Minigames are the blessings for 8 Ball Pool Players. Instead of making coins and cash by winning matches, with the help of this you can get extra coins, cash, cues. Surprise Boxes including 3 boxes further. From Rare box to Legendary Box, You can win up to 200,000 coins. The cues unlocked through these boxes have special features. You can Recharge your Cue at no Cost, only for Rare and Epic Cues. Get some coins back if you lose your game. Earn up to +15% XP Per Cue. These Minigames Price range from 3 to 19 cash. Some Minigames are given to the player free of cost after 24hrs. Reward Links also contain Minigames which are free.
Spin & Win is a great and powerful feature. You can spin the wheel and claim free resources. You can win up to 100,000 coins. Golden spin &win is super-powerful and contains a higher reward amount including bundles of cash and free cues. With the help of Spin, you can optimize your gameplay to a higher level. Free Spin & Win is provided to player Daily.

Scratch & Win:

With Scratch & Win, you can win 8 Ball Pool Grand Prizes up to 250K Coins. This makes 8 Ball Pool Players to make extra coins and improve their profile. Instead of Free Scratcher, Premium Scratchers allow you to win higher prizes. 

Championship Mode:

It is a special competition Played among the top player. As many matches are played, coins in Pot increase. It has special distribution measurements for coins, based upon player ranking. Top 100 Players got the claim Coins. The more you win, the more points you gain. These Points specify your Ranking. Results are declared after the time finishes.

Practice Offline:

Before every Hard Challenge, It is Recommended to Practice. Likewise, It is compulsory to have a good practice before diving into a real 8 ball pool match. It is a great feature. You will enjoy it! Whether you Play Pass n’Play or QuickFire. Both result in Practice. It is up to you, which one you choose. I thing Play n’pass is a good one. you can try it.

Free Rewards:

Do You Know? You can get Free Reward within 8 Ball Pool. Complete Your Daily Missions. Pot your balls, win the matches to claim these Rewards. These rewards also based upon your Ranking. If you have a higher ranking you will get more free rewards. These Rewards are not only limited to coins but also free cash. Free Reward coins Range from 50 to 450. You can also get Free 1 Cash by just watching a video ad. But It is not available for Web users. Here I have Listed Reward Details


Cues are used to optimize shots. A good cue help player to make a great shot. It is not easy to win big matches unless you have not a great cue. Every cue has its Force, Aim, Spin & Time. Each cue has 50 energy units, one-shot costs one unit. When you lose your cue energy you will lose your all powers. But you can still play a match. You have to recharge your cue when it is out of energy.  A specific amount of coins are needed for recharge. You can also keep your cue to auto-recharge. Cue Upgrade is one more option. After unlocking cue, you can collect cue pieces to achieve the maximum level of the cue. Every Cue has its own maximum level. These Pieces are found inside surprise boxes or even in victory boxes.
Cues are divided into 4 collections which are: Standard, Victory, Collection, and Country. Standard cues can be bought through Pool coins. They range from lower to higher levels. Victory cues are the most popular. You have chances to get in victory boxes. And victory boxes can be avail through winning the match. Collection Cue can be only unlocked through surprise boxes. Its level also ranges from least to the maximum. Mostly, players love to have country cues. These are the symbol of their country. So, that’s why they show support and their love for their country through these cues.


Its amazing feature in 8 ball pool to show your talent. You can top your League, Friends, Your Country and even from all over the world. But it is hard. It requires great Struggles and time. You have to plan in a proper way to get ranked.  These Leagues are for weeks. You will get a decent amount of coins over winning the game. Their prize ranges from 3500 coins to 200 cash. You must finish your league in the top 3 to win a prize! All players are matched with a group of the player having a similar level and amount of coin balance. Now, club Leagues are a great addition to Leaderboards. Play together, Enjoy the game, Defeat other and Claim Free Prizes.


  1. All in one matches do not count in total weekly winnings.
  2. Playing the same opponent more than once in the same weekly league, result in the counting of 1st match-winning only.

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